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Children's relationship with food

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Through NuKi we aim to redefine your family’s relationship with food. We focus on feeding techniques in children from 12 months onwards and know that involving the parents in the process can change how your kids relate to food.

Building a healthy relationship with food early on can help to reduce complications in the future, such as eating disorders and childhood obesity. We know that there are links between childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, psychological illness and other diseases.

Most fussy eaters are just selective eaters. While these children often eat what is put in front of them, there are certain foods that they won't eat. So staying calm is very important and using a few tips, your child will be willing to try new foods and eat more fruits and vegetables.

There are many people who think that if a child is a fussy eater that they will be underweight, although we know this to be the opposite. According to the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, picky eaters are at a higher risk of becoming obese or overweight as older children and adolescents.

This is due to the child preferring high-calorie foods, processed foods, and eating fewer fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. For example, if your child will only eat certain foods such as macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets, each of their meals is loaded with calories and carbohydrates. When every meal that your child eats is so high in calories and carbs, it increases their likelihood of becoming overweight.

At Nuki, we are here to help with our team of qualified dietitians, because it’s all about being calm and learning how to create a fun safe feeding environment. KEEP CALM and FEED ON :)

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